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Denim Beetle

Verfasst: Donnerstag 31. März 2016, 10:48
von rote Zora
Hold On To Your Jeans: A Denim VW Beetle Is Coming


The VW Beetle is a historic car with many fans all over the world. Its iconic shape has appeared in countless movies, music videos, and other pieces of art. VW has just a new take on a classic special edition for the model, and It seems as if the top brass at VW is looking to this announcement to generate positive press for the brand.

What classic Beetle is being revived, you ask? Well, we’ll give you a hint. The Baja Bug has already been revived recently, so it’s not that one.

Do you give up? Did you not read the title of this article or look at the top photo? Well, the new special edition is (drum roll please): The VW Beetle Denim.


While this idea will probably make most of you shake your heads, according to Jalopnik this is actually the eighth edition of the VW Beetle Denim, with the first one taking the stage in 1974. According to the details released by VW in a press release, this car really is as devoted to jeans as you would expect.

This particular form of the Denim Bug is based on the editions from the 1970s, and will also be a convertible. The vehicle’s exterior will be available in either Pure White or Stonewashed Blue, and the convertible top will be a dark blue cloth meant to resemble denim but with better protection against the elements. The interior will feature seatback pockets that mimic the real stylized back pockets on a pair of well-worn jeans, down to tiny red brand tags attached through the stitching.


Only 2,000 vehicles will be made, and they will be split evenly between the blue and white colors. To place an order, check in with a local VW dealership.